Check Out The Official Flickcast SDCC11 Highlight Reel

Check Out The Official Flickcast SDCC11 Highlight Reel

Now that San Diego Comic-Con 2011 is far enough in the rear view mirror for us to safely say we had a good time and forget all the long days and blackout nights that took place, we are pretty happy with how this year turned out.

Between amazing interviews we had  with stars like  Felicia Day, Katee Sackhoff, Paul Scheer, the cast of Black Dynamite, Mark Hamill, John Barrowman, Eliza Dushku and many more, and the extensive coverage we got of the events going on at the show, we consider this year’s Comic-Con a big success.

As we’ve done in years past, we put together this highlight reel showcasing some of the great stuff we had at the show this year.

Big thanks to our newest team member Eric Medina who helped us out at the show and put together the reel below. Check it out and keep an eye out for more exclusive interviews and in-depth reviews coming straight to you!

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