Seth Rogen To Appear On the Season Premiere of 'The League'

Seth Rogen To Appear On the Season Premiere of ‘The League’

Just when you thought FX’s hit comedy about a group of guys and their fantasy football league couldn’t get any more uproarious and funny, they’re adding one of the bigger names in comedy today to the mix for the season 3 premiere, as Seth Rogen gets cast as the infamous Dirty Randy.

The character is pretty famous to those who watch the show, and we’re finally getting a face to the name this season. TV Guide has the full scoop.

Creators and executive producers Jackie and Jeff Schaffer promised fans last year that they would reveal the oft-mentioned, but never-seen friend of Rafic(Jason Mantzoukas)if the comedy was picked up for a third season.

“As the legend of Dirty Randy grew among our fans — is that Dirty Randy? Is that a shot of Dirty Randy? — we realized we really have to step up here,” Jeff Schaffer told Saturday. “We started talking about who the funniest people we know who aren’t on the show already, and [Rogen] was at the top of the list.”

Asked whether Dirty Randy would make a return appearance later in the season, Schaffer said there are “always, always, always opportunities” for Rogen to return.

We can expect to see Rogen make his debut on the show for the season 3 premiere on Thursday, October 6 at 10:30 PST only on FX.