Three New Characters and Story Revealed for SEGA's 'Anarchy Reigns'

Three New Characters and Story Revealed for SEGA’s ‘Anarchy Reigns’

Up until now, we have seen some pretty outrageous characters, insane levels and some astounding levels of violence associated with Anarchy Reigns. But there was really no context behind it. Now, SEGA reveals to us, along with three new characters, just why this group of horrific mercenary psychopaths have come to clash.

In a futuristic city, a group of bounty hunters is on a man hunt. The trailer is however pretty confusing though since it is hard to tell really who are the good guys and bad guys. It seems like assuming Jack would be the hero of the game since he was revealed first both as a playable character and in the story trailer.

At the same time, Leonhardt looks to be a good guy as well even though he is seen standing aside the villainous Nikolai. It will be interesting to see how everything players out once Anarchy Reigns is actually released.

Check out the full story trailer after the jump.

Also check out the new screen shot, bios and art renders for the three new characters Durga, Garuda and Oinkie. Check out all three and let us know who you are most looking forward to at the bottom of the post.


Durga asks players, “What is better than kicking your opponent in the face with a cybernetic claw leg?” and answers with, “Shooting them in the face at the same time.” Somewhat reminiscent of a Thundercat gone wrong, Durga can both claw and shoot opponents down simultaneously leading to a fast and deadly opponent for Anarchy Reigns.

“Revolver Cannon”

A cybernetic leg capable of transforming into a large revolver. It can be fired while kicking.


Garuda looks like a bot ripped straight from a crazed Manga comic. Garuda is basically a pissed off Transformer with nothing to lose or any sense of morality as he uses his Tornado Drills to rip opponents apart.

“Tornado Drills”

A pair of large drills attached to the lower arms which rotate at high velocity, adding greater impact to physical strikes.


Oinkie then stands out on his own as a fat man with some already impressive fighting skills who injects himself with a compound that mutates him and turns him into a unstoppable scaled monster.

“The Juice”

A deeply unstable compound which mutates the user when introduced into the bloodstream.