Bradley Cooper Pulls Out of 'The Crow' Reboot, Studio Scrambles to Find Replacement

Bradley Cooper Pulls Out of ‘The Crow’ Reboot, Studio Scrambles to Find Replacement

Things seemed to be going well for the upcoming reboot of the penultimate 1990’s goth film The Crow. The studio managed to lock down hot screenwriter Alex Tse (Watchmen) to pen the script, and 28 Weeks Later’s Juan Carlos Fresnadillo signed on to direct. Shortly after that, the production was able to lock in Hangover star Bradley Cooper as the gloomy hero of the film. Sadly, it looks like “lock” was not meant to be taken seriously.

It seems that Cooper is backing out of the production due to scheduling conflicts. Sadly, that means Relativity Media needs to go back to the drawing board to find a new rock and roll zombie for this upcoming reboot. THR has the report.

Bradley Cooper was to have played the title character but sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that he has now exited due to scheduling conflicts. Cooper has David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook shooting this fall and then dives straight into Legendary’sParadise Lost, which shoots first quarter next year…the exact time Relativity plans on making the high-priority Crow.

But akin to the project’s rock musician who is killed and resurrected, two new names have surfaced as possible replacements: Channing Tatum and Mark Wahlberg.

Walhberg has a previous association with the Crow; he was offered the part last fall but a deal never materialized. But there is a question as to whether he wants to revisit the role, and last week he signed on to Universal’s 2 Guns action pic.

We all know what kind of charisma Wahlberg is known for bringing to established franchises, after films like Planet of the Apes and Max Payne, but Channing Tatum?? It seems that this film could have just taken a terrible turn for the worse.

Whatever decision Relativity decides to go with, it has to be soon, as they are currently in hot water with Weinstien Company for rights to the character. We hope to hear an answer in the coming weeks.

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