Exclusive Interview: The Voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, Talks ‘Batman: Arkham City’

For 20 year now (don’t mind the lack of math smarts in the interview), Kevin Conroy has been the go-to guy for the voice of Batman. From the original Animated Series back in 1991 to Justice League and Justice League Unlimited to the series of DC Animated films and finally 2008’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, Conroy has been the choice.

With that game, fans of the character were able to finally live out their fantasy and play as Batman in the most exciting and realistic Batman game every put together. Not enough? Well the folks at Rocksteady Games are doing it even bigger with this year’s release of Batman: Arkham City.

We managed to catch up to the man himself and talk about his latest work as the Dark Knight, what we can expect to see in the game, and just who he may be taking down in this highly anticipated sequel.

Check out our interview after the jump. Batman: Arkham City arrives in game stores everywhere on October 18th.

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