Details on Charlie Sheen's 'Two And A Half Men' Character Death Revealed

Details on Charlie Sheen’s ‘Two And A Half Men’ Character Death Revealed

While all of the drama happened between former star of CBS’s Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen, the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, and the new replacement, Ashton Kutcher, one question never got raised: How do you explain to the fans what happened to Charlie’s character on the show?

That’s one detail Lorre seems to have down all too well, as the details of Charlie Harper’s gruesome death have been revealed to those who saw the taping of the show. Needless to say, it’s not very funny. Here’s the report from ScreenRant.

Charlie is going to be murdered by being pushed in front of a subway car, and his body literally explodes from the impact.

According to those at the taping, here’s how Charlie Harper’s death happens:

In the Two and a Half Men season 8 finale, Harper flew off to Paris with Rose – his neighbor/stalker.
Harper and Rose got married (during the fictional summer), but the relationship took a turn for the worse when she found him with another woman in the shower.
The day after catching Harper in the shower with another woman, they were waiting for the Paris subway when Harper “slipped” in front of a moving car where his body blew apart upon impact.
It’s implied that Rose pushed Harper in front of the subway and got away with his murder.

Well, at least Lorre is taking the break up well, and not dwelling on the tiff that may have boosted the show’s ratings to a point they’ve never hit before. The premiere airs on September 19th at 9pm on CBS, so you’ll have to see if they’re able to pull any humor out of this terrible murder.