Check it Out: Infographic Explains Our Future According to Films

Futuristic sci-fi films are always a good time. We’re lucky enough to live in a time where we have already surpassed these future milestones set in certain classic science fiction films and novels, in which humanity is to be enslaved by robots, or the earth is to be destroyed, or crime is to be abolished.

Sadly, we haven’t hit these milestones, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few we can’t hit. Luckily, super fan Michael Hobson over at Tremulant Design put together this full infographic on when certain sci-fi milestones are set to hit, so that we have the fully skinny on when to expect these fictional dates.

In his studies, Hobson found out a few fun details some may not be aware of. Such as the fact that the events in Avatar take place between Alien and Aliens. Or that we can expect some pretty violent reality TV to hit the airwaves in less than a decade.

So take a look at the full graphic after the jump, and bone up for when we decide to send nukes into the sun to jump start it, or when art is banned and we live in a totalitarian society. Never a bad idea to be prepared for such events.

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