Comic Reviews: 'Atomic Robo & the Ghost of Station X' #1

Comic Reviews: ‘Atomic Robo & the Ghost of Station X’ #1

Atomic Robo is back! One of the best books on the stands returns for its sixth volume, and if the story, art, and adventure is still this good the sixth time out, then I want Atomic Robo to continue for 60 volumes!

Created by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, Atomic Robo is the story of an atomic powered robot that was built by Nikola Tesla in 1923 that is dedicated to adventure, fighting, and SCIENCE! In this issue, a bunch of astronauts are trapped on a space station and only have hours to live. So NASA calls on the only people they know that can save them, Atomic Robo and his group of action scientists from Tesladyne Industries.

The issue itself is a lot fun. Which is surprising since most of the issue is a long conversation between Robo and his team as they debate the best course of action to rescue the astronauts. Scientific terms, fringe science, and humor are mixed into the writing in just the right amounts by Brian Clevinger making the issue feel fun and full of energy,  and not decompressed. Clevinger makes perfect use of the ticking clock. As the pages turn, we see Robo race against time in his gambit to rescue the astronauts.

The art is fun and bursting with energy. Simple lines and rounded edges are employed by Scott Wegener in an art style that pops. Pages and panel compositions are designed in a way to always give the sense of movement, energy, and fun.

At this point, I’m sure I am sounding like a broken record. Stop reading this review, and go out and buy this book. This is comics done right. A number one issue that explains everything you need to know in the span of one issue. It ends in a cliffhanger, but still feels like a complete issue.

Atomic Robo is 100 percent pure comic book fun. Buy it.