Web Video Roundup: Charlie Sheen Spoofs 'Apocalypse Now', How 'Entourage' Should've Ended, & The Return of 'Pop Up Video'

Web Video Roundup: Charlie Sheen Spoofs ‘Apocalypse Now’, How ‘Entourage’ Should’ve Ended, & The Return of ‘Pop Up Video’

• Charlie Sheen’s big roast on Comedy Central is happening Monday and this new spot starring both Charlie and Martin Sheen is having us buy that it may be pretty funny.

• Apparently, hockey is cool again, between Kevin Smith’s upcoming hockey epic and the first trailer for Sean William Scott’s Goon (not to be confused with the comic), things are looking pretty violent in sports cinema.

• For those who were suckered into watching the series finale of Entourage on Sunday and got the complete lack of an ending that was given, this is how the series should have ended for everyone.

• PSA’s are all the rage these days, so isn’t it about time the web video community started mocking them? We think so, with this PSA about driving recklessly.

• Both stoners and hipsters alike can bond over the insane amazingness of Yo Gabba Gabba but worlds collide when Fred Armisen and Charlyne Yi guest star in an episode coming up next week.

• Not enough web videos are actually informative, but this one falls under that category, as it breaks down the car/truck chase scene in The Dark Knight. Educational stuff.

• Last week, the Back to the Future-inspired Nike sneakers, dubbed “McFly’s” hit the auction market, and comedian Bill Hader (along with Doc Brown himself) helped pimp them out in this web spot.

• You know we’re running out of video game ideas when a game like Warco starts production about a frontline video journalist who is set to take video coverage of the chaos happening in the war.

• After being off the air for nearly a decade, Pop Up Video is making its return on October 3rd. Here’s a little preview of things to come set to Britney Spears’ new hit.