Liam Neeson Boxes Wolves in the Trailer for 'The Grey'

Liam Neeson Boxes Wolves in the Trailer for ‘The Grey’

Liam Neeson just can’t seem to stop doing bad ass things. Between chasing down a boat on foot in Taken, releasing the Kraken in Clash of the Titans, kicking Batman’s ass as Ra’s Al Ghul, or just being Qui Gon Jinn, he doesn’t seem to have any downtime. Continuing in that theme, he’s now going to fight a pack of wolves with his hands.

That’s right, he’s in a brand new flick called The Grey in which he takes on a pack of pissed off wolves. And fights them…hand to hand. Here’s the quick premise.

In Alaska, an oil drilling team struggle to survive after a plane crash strands them in the wild. Hunting the humans are a pack of wolves who see them as intruders.

If the premise doesn’t sell you, the money shot is clearly Neeson using broken bottles as makeshift knuckles as he sets his sights on some wolves in the snow that shouldn’t have messed with him.

Be ready for the action in the trailer after the jump, and catch The Grey in theaters on January 27th.