Avengers EW Cover, 'Star Wars' Nerdgasms, & Tons of Trailers Are All On The Radar

Avengers EW Cover, ‘Star Wars’ Nerdgasms, & Tons of Trailers Are All On The Radar

• It’s a complete nerd circle of life as the Imperial March from Star Wars is performed using two floppy disk drives.

• What happens when Looney Tunes meets Anime meets heavy rock music? A complete f’ing 80’s metal dream, that’s what.

• We’ve gotten our fair share of art and set pics from The Avengers, but now we’re getting them all together for the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

• The sheer fact that Superman’s Girl, Lois Lane was an actual comic at one point is ridiculous enough, but here are some of the most ludicrous covers from the series.

• Apparently, people are still going nuts for how awesome The Big Lebowski was, here are some awesome original paintings of scenes from the film.

• Not much is known about how quickly episodes are made for Comedy Central’s South Park, but finally we’ll get an idea with the new documentary 6 Days to Air.

• Speaking of trailers, we’ve got a brand new one in which Thomas Jane gets high a lot and also Jeremy Piven. Sold? You should be.

• Finally, Mark Whalberg is tired of knowing how your mother is in the first trailer for Contraband.