International Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival ShriekFest Announces 2011 Winners

International Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival ShriekFest Announces 2011 Winners

When mainstream Hollywood is busy making billions of dollars on rereleases of animated classics upgraded for 3D or movies with Morgan Freeman and a dolphin, it’s true independent cinema that holds some of the best stories and visuals.

That’s why we are seeing more and more film festivals pop up over the past few years, giving accolades to the up and coming filmmakers and writers who will one day run the town and bring art back to the theaters.

Shriekfest is one in the Los Angeles area that has been doing so for years. Since 2001, the international film fest has been bringing awareness to the lesser-known horror and science fiction filmmakers with films and shorts that easily surpass some of the movies we spend $10 to see every weekend.

This year’s winners have some of the most talented folks we’ve seen in some time, with aliens and monsters galore. Check out the full list of this year’s winners after the jump, and get the head start on checking out these films over at before your friends tell you about them first.

Best Horror Feature Film: Absentia

Best SciFi Feature Film: Pig

Best Supernatural Feature Film: The Dead Inside

Best Thriller Feature Film: Isle of Dogs

Best Super Short Film: Certified

Best Short Film: Negative Image

Best Horror Feature Screenplay: Shut In

Best SciFi Feature Screenplay: Time Wreck

Best Short Screenplay: Hear No Evil

Best Webisode: “31” the series

Best Original Song: To All The Youth

Best Under 18 Film: Molly and the Masked Storm

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