Awesome PlayStation 3 Commercial Finally Gives Us Live Action PS3 Characters

How often do you speculate and daydream on what your favorite video game characters would look like if they had their day and got a live action movie adaptation? What would Drake from Uncharted look like or how tall would Kratos from God of War be in comparison to other folks? Well that’s where this brand new commercial from Sony helps us out.

This new commercial to promote the PS3 has literally dozens of characters from your favorite PlayStation games giving thanks to us, the gamer, for always being there and getting them out of those tough binds. YouTube user shikhargautam broke down which characters we can see in order of when they appear.

All characters, as they appear: 0:47 Nathan Drake (Uncharted 3), Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) 0:56 Cole (inFamous) with a Helghast (Killzone) behind 1:00 Isaac Clarke (Dead Space), Ghost (CoD: MW2), Agent 47 (Hitman) 1:06 Solid Snake (MGS4) 1:15 Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Chell (Portal) 1:18 Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet) 1:20 Athena and Kratos (God of War) 1:23 Paul (Tekken) 1:38Little Sister (BioShock) 1:46 Ezio (Assassin’s Creed 2) 1:50 ISA soldier (Killzone)1:52 Chimera Hybrid (Resistance)

There may even be a few that he missed, so check out the commercial after the jump.

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