Check It Out: MTV's Liquid Television Gets Reborn On the Web

Check It Out: MTV’s Liquid Television Gets Reborn On the Web

Think back to the early 1990’s. Everyone loved skating and nightclubs, Clinton was taking jogs and having heart attacks, and MTV was blowing up with their original animated content late at night with a block they titled Liquid Television.

Here was the training ground for some of the most iconic shows of the decade got their start and later became huge shows on MTV. Shows like Aeon Flux, Beavis & Butthead, and The Maxx all started off on Liquid Television, and later went on to brand off into major motion pictures and more.

Much like how Adult Swim got its start on Cartoon Network, Liquid Television attempted to spawn more than just a few popular animated series, but possibly a bigger block. Sadly, the TV block met its demise in 1994, locking away some of these obscure shows and shorts for what would seem to be forever.

Now, thanks to the power of the internet, we get to relive some of those awesome moments again online, all over at There, you can enjoy some classics like Dog Boy, Winter Steele, and The Maxx, while catching a few series and shorts that should have made it onto the weird block of TV back in the day, such as MTV2’s Wonder Showzen.

So head on over to their official site, and let’s see if MTV can find space on one of their several channels to re-air some of these awesome shows on TV once again.