Bruce Wayne Is Kind of a Dick In a New Clip From 'Batman: Year One'

Bruce Wayne Is Kind of a Dick In a New Clip From ‘Batman: Year One’

We love how Batman and Bruce Wayne have been portrayed over the years. Whether it’s whimsical and lighthearted as played by Adam West and Diedrich Bader, or dark and mysterious as played by Kevin Conroy and Christian Bale.

Now we’re getting an interesting look for the first time, as Ben McKenzie portrays Bruce Wayne as a pompous, young playboy. At least that’s what we’re getting in this brand new clip from Warner Home Video’s Batman: Year One.

Taken straight from Frank Miller’s Year One story arc from 1987 in which we follow the years from when Bruce Wayne donned the cape and cowl and decided to fight crime. Here, we get a far less confident and mysterious Bruce Wayne, and much more of the billionaire playboy philanthropist that we never got to see.

In an exclusive new clip, Wayne (voiced by Ben McKenzie) meets Leiutenant Jim Gordan (voiced by the excellent Bryan Cranston) and his wife, who sees a bit more than she wants to. Take a look at the clip after the jump and grab Batman: Year One on VOD, iTunes, and other downloadable marketplaces today.