NYCC11 Exclusive: 'Malcolm in the Middle' Star Frankie Muniz Talks 'Pizza Man'

NYCC11 Exclusive: ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ Star Frankie Muniz Talks ‘Pizza Man’

You may know him best as Malcolm, you know from the middle. Or maybe even a few of our readers will remember him as Agent Cody Banks. But now, Frankie Muniz is taking on a new role on the silver screen as the Pizza Man. And he isn’t just your every day delivery man, he has super powers.

At NYCC, the world saw the debut trailer for Pizza Man starring Frankie Muniz alongside former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page who plays Pizza Man’s arch nemesis and other notable stars like Shelly Long and Corbin Bersen. Pizza Man is the tale of a kid who mistakenly falls into super powers and how he must deal with. Sort of like Spider-Man but with pepperoni.

Frankie talks with us about just what kind of super hero Pizza Man is, learns from us what the definition of a rogues gallery is and gives us some insight into Diamond Dallas Page’s villainous character. This family friendly super hero flick should be coming to theaters early next year.

Take a peek below at our full interview talking all things Pizza Man with Frankie Muniz below.