Box Office: 'Paranormal Activity 3' Shatters Records

Box Office: ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ Shatters Records

Quite a year for big openings in the box office 2011 has been. We’ve seen films like Dolphin Tale and Lion King 3D take over in even the biggest markets, and big films like Green Lantern fall flat on its face. Now we’re getting another surprise, as the third film in Paramount’s Paranormal Activity franchise broke records for October and Fall opening weekends, pulling in $54 million over the three days.

Not only is this the biggest weekend for the franchise, but at $80 million worldwide already, we expect 3 to be the highest grossing Paranormal Activity film, and possibly the highest grossing film of all time, with a production budget of $5 million.

Other openings this weekend, Summit’s Three Musketeers barely made any waves, pulling in just under $9 million in the domestic box office, and $73 million worldwide. Meanwhile, people overseas still seem to love Mr. Bean, as Johnny English Reborn pulled in $108.3 million worldwide, and only $3.8 million in the domestic box office.

Next weekend, you can expect Paranormal to do well again, as its Halloween weekend, but it may have some competition with Paramount’s Puss in Boots and Fox’s sci-fi epic In Time. We’ll have to see what happens next weekend!

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