The Bitcast - Episode 1: 'Welcome to the Bitcast'

The Bitcast – Episode 1: ‘Welcome to the Bitcast’

This week we kick off a brand new podcast here at The Flickcast. This one revolves around the world of gaming and features our video game guru John Carle and co-host Jonathan “Wall-E” Weilbaecher who will talk about all things newsworthy in the video game world.

This week, John and Wall-E talk about September’s video game sales as well as the upcoming Warner Bros. lineup including a new Lego Batman. In their topic of the week, the new dynamic duo of the Flickcast introduce themselves and their gaming preferences and continue the age old (five year) debate of XBox 360 vs. PlayStation 3.

And in their Now Playing lists, the two talk Marvel vs. Capcom 3 as well as the titles John had the opportunity to check out last weekend at New York Comic Con from Activision and Capcom.

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