Exclusive Interview: 'Psych' Cast & Creator Talk Upcoming Episodes

Exclusive Interview: ‘Psych’ Cast & Creator Talk Upcoming Episodes

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the cast of USA’s hit show about a police consultant with an uncanny ability to pick up clues, almost psychically, some would say.  Read below to hear what the cast had to say about next week’s vamp-themed episode, “This Episode Sucks” (pun intended), and the arrival of a former Starfleet Captain to beautiful Santa Barbara.

The Flickcast: What’s been your favorite episode to shoot for Season 6?

James Roday (Shawn Spencer): Probably our vampire episode [was my favorite to shoot this season], because it’s chock full of vampire fun for vampire fans but it’s also a love story for Lassiter’s character which is something we’ve never seen before. Any time we do something new, I get excited.

Steve Franks, creator: I really, really love the vampire episode. James directed it and put such a tremendous bit of magic on top of it, in such unexpected ways.  Yes, it’s vampires and it’s a little gory and it’s a little scary, but it also has such tremendous sweetness and heart.  It’s one of our nicest episodes and yet one of our darkest episodes at the same time.  So that one’s really fun.

I love the William Shatner episode where he comes in and Juliet’s dad.  It’s got a lot of action it’s got a lot of fun.  Once again it has the heart that we really like.  So, I like episodes that play a lot of notes across the board in terms of emotion, comedy, and of course I always like the episodes that I write.

Maggie Lawson (Juliet “Jules” O‘Hara): I would say so far, season 6, it would be an episode called “In for a Penny”, it was written by Todd Harthan and William Shatner plays my dad.  It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.  So yeah, and he was wonderful and we had such a good time and yeah- love, love, love Bill Shatner- Love him!

Dule Hill as (Burton “Gus” Guster): I would say Hangover, the Hangover episode but, there are so many of them though- Hangover, Vampires, and the Spiritual Retreat. So those three.  Hangover would be my number one, Vampires would be number two, and then Spiritual Retreat would be my third.

TF: Are we going to see some familiar faces from the past this season?

JR: We know Despereaux [played by Cary Elwes] comes back this season, I guess he’s sort of a villain, more just an all-around fun guy.

SF: We’re trying to bring back right now, we’re trying to bring back Kenan Thompson and Jaleel White from “High Top Fade Out” [season 4, episode 7]. We’re bringing back Despereaux [played by Cary Elwes]. We’re bringing, well of course, Woody the coroner, always comes back, he’s our favorite character to re-write.

We love to bring characters back and what we believe we bring to the pool is that when someone come up to be on our show, we want them to have the best professional time they’ve ever had. So, for us, it’s come up to Vancouver, have a blast, and then want to come back again.

TF: What’s been your favorite stunt to write this season?

SF: Oh my gosh, my favorite stunt to write, that I’ve written is the one that’s coming up this week [shooting] we‘re doing an episode called, “Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Sword”. There is a boat chase in it that we’re shooting on Tuesday and there is a really amazing chase through an abandoned factory that’s great as well, and a fist fight between the two most unexpected people that you could imagine on the show having a fist fight.

Did you find the clues surrounding the new season of Psych? To solve the case, tune in to USA this fall on Wednesdays at 10/9C. To keep up with all the news fit for Geek, keep reading The Flickcast and follow me on my brand-new twitter @GeekyGirlGoTo.

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