Two More Trailers & First Impressions of 'Transformers Universe'

Two More Trailers & First Impressions of ‘Transformers Universe’

NYCC this year saw the debut of one of the most nostalgia filled MMO gameplay trailers since Star Wars: The Old Republic. Though we can’t show you the trailer we can tell you about what we saw and what information we were able to get about the game. Transformers Universe is being developed by Jagex, the makers of the free to play fantasy MMO Runescape. Jagex promises an experience meant to appeal both to the masses as well as the Transformers hardcore fan.

Transformers Universe will be a browser based MMO for both the PC and Mac which means no downloads are necessary. It will take place using real world looking cars on a diverse landscape and will be a planet-based experience. So what does that mean? Don’t expect boats or planes just yet for this game. PR people were very careful to only mention driving and not piloting. It may be possible that they may exist in the future but the character creator screen we saw only gave options for cars, trucks and motorcycles thus far.

We have also been promised that Transformers Universe will be a constantly evolving world with huge character customization options. This means that when players pick their side as either Autobot or Decepticon, they will have a massive level of creative control over their character and that the world around them won’t be static. Areas, characters and missions will change and allow for new gameplay experiences instead of repetitive gameplay. Additionally, players will be granted the ability to play alongside iconic characters like Optimus Prime. Similar to the vein of DC Universe Online, players will fight with or against some of the recognizable faces from the Transformers Universe, helping make that individual’s story feel bigger and more important.

There were a few questions we were not able to get answered yet however. The first of these was what the combat in the game was like since the two main focuses of Transformers Universe will be fighting and driving. What they did tell us is that combat in Transformers Universe will so different in combat from any other MMO on the market. The structure of missions also wasn’t discussed whether these would be in predetermined dungeons in zones like World of Warcraft or instanced areas like Guild Wars. Also still undisclosed was how billing in the game would work.

What we did see in the in engine graphics was an impressive art style similar to that of Transformers: War for Cybertron. If you look at the trailer below, you will see the vehicle design shares a similar art style to War for Cybertron as well. What we are really looking forward to though is getting our own hands on experience with the game and seeing how it handles behind the keyboard.

Transformers Universe is set to come out sometime in 2012. Stick to the Flickcast for more on Transformers Universe as we hear more about this upcoming title.