The Bitcast - Episode 2: 'The Beancast'

The Bitcast – Episode 2: ‘The Beancast’

Week two and WallE and JC are back at it again to give you the top news in the video game world with The Flickcast’s only podcast dedicated to the world of video games, the Bitcast.

This week, the dynamic duo of Pokemon decimation bring talk about Rockstar Games’ announcement of Grand Theft Auto 5 and speculate on what we might find out when the first trailer comes later this week. Where the game will take place and just what the sales of this massive title might be are just two of the points they discuss.

In their Topic of the Week, WallE and JC talk super hero video games. The good. The bad. The ugly. And everything in between. From the original X-Men game on the NES to the most recent releases, WallE and JC have no problem letting their opinions known.

And in this week’s “Now Playing” session, the two talk about their most recent super hero gaming addictions caused by this week’s Topic of the Week.

So, what are you waiting for? Click through to listen to this week’s episode!