Exclusive Interview: Cast of NBC’s 'Chuck' Talks Final Season

Exclusive Interview: Cast of NBC’s ‘Chuck’ Talks Final Season

Well, here we are, a couple of episodes into the final season of Chuck. I predict this season there will be a lot of Subway sandwiches eaten, a choice Jeffster performance, and a plethora of geeky references. The training wheels are off, as Chuck has lost the intersect and Morgan is the new ace in the hole. The spy in tennis shoes and his team of rogue spies aren’t out for the count yet, though.

Read on, as the cast gives some parting words on their super secret missions on the mean streets of Burbank.

The Flickast: Chuck’s brother-in-law, Devon, has the nickname “Captain Awesome”. On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome are you?

Ryan McPartlin: 10 being the most awesome? We have to clarify. (TF: Yes, 10 being the most awesome). It depends on what we’re talking about, like I feel I’m a really awesome dad and husband, so I’m a 10 at that area. But, there’s a lot of things that I can’t dedicate my time to that I think I could be really awesome at, like for instance, golf.

TF: What does Casey think of teaching the spy tricks of the trade all over again, this time to Morgan?

Adam Baldwin: It will bookend nicely with the premiere season and the first few episodes. I think because he’s had an opportunity to build a relationship with Morgan it’s going to be not as difficult as it was in the first seasons with Chuck. So, he’s learned how to navigate those waters.

TF: Do you think Col. John Casey likes being a part of this team now more than his past work in the military?

AB: I think he’s embraced it finally, as he’s given this opportunity.  They’ll have some more freedom now that they’re “rogue”. So, it will be interesting to see how that plays out, now that they have a billion dollars of Volkov blood money to play with.

TF: How do you feel about playing a strong female character, who at the beginning of the show was charged with protecting Chuck?

Yvonne Strahovski: I loved it, it’s a great thing to embrace. I mean every actress would want to embrace something like that.  I get to do really kick-ass things on the show and I really hope that continues this season.  I mean, I’ve had a blast playing that role.

TF: What about Chuck and Sarah’s relationship on the show is realistic to you?

YS: Well, I don’t know if a super computer in somebody’s brain is too realistic, so maybe we’re not that realistic (laughing). I think at the core level of feelings and love that Chuck and Sarah have, that’s real. And you know it’s real because fans support us and they’ve fallen in love with us as we’ve gone on through the seasons. It’s really nice to have that support and have everybody on the journey with us.

TF: How would you like to see your character grow in this final season?

YS: I think to just keep Sarah going on that journey of becoming more comfortable in normal life. She was never comfortable in that normal life, she was always good at being a spy, but nothing else. I think it’s going to be good to evolve. I don’t know, maybe I’ll get pregnant and have triplets at the end of this season and call it a day!

TF: What do you like most about how Sarah and Chuck’s relationship has developed over the course of the series?

Zachary Levi: I just love that we love each other regardless of the spy relationship. She loves Chuck, she doesn’t love the intersect.

TF: What are you looking forward to this season, as you’re no longer the human super computer, aka, the intersect?

ZL: I’m looking forward to just always changing things up. I think you want to keep it fresh for the audience, you want to keep it fresh for yourself as an actor. So, that I don’t have to do any flashes this season, is pretty cool. Although, had I known I was going to do my last flash, I would have put a little more into it, you know? I think that it will be a great season and Chuck has matured as a spy, so he’s able to handle himself now on levels that he couldn’t before. So, without the intersect, he’s still going to be okay.

TF: What skills are you most excited to learn as the new intersect?

Joshua Gomez: I think what appeals to me is, obviously, any kind of cool, kung-fu, combat related… anything I can’t do in real life, and that’s a long list, it’s a pretty long list.

TF: What will Chuck teach Morgan this year as the new intersect?

ZL: Swagger, I’ll teach him a little swagger.

As Chuck has plenty of swagger to go around, I’m sure he’ll teach his partner in crime, Grimes, some of his smooth moves. Thanks for reading, and make sure you tune-in every Friday this fall to see the best spy team in all of Burbank accomplish their final mission. For more secrets illuminated, keep checking The Flickcast and while you’re at it my tweets @GeekyGirlGoTo.