Alan Silvestri to Compose Joss Whedon's 'The Avengers'

Alan Silvestri to Compose Joss Whedon’s ‘The Avengers’

The music in a Super Hero film is one of the most important aspects to making an iconic movie. The characters are larger than life, and that needs to be translated into the music. Going back to Superman, almost all of the best Super Hero movies have had the support of an iconic score.

So when Marvel is putting together the biggest Super Hero movie of all time it is only a natural that they are going with one of the greatest action/adventure composers of all time, Alan Silvestri. According to his own website, Silvestri will be writing the score for The Avengers, the culmination of five Marvel Studios productions that have introduced all of the principle heroes and villains.

Silvestri composed the wonderful Captain America score, and with that film being the closet thing to a prequel to The Avengers it is great to get a chance to hear a good progression of themes from one movie to another. Although I will have to admit to a little bit of disappointment that David Newman isn’t getting a crack at this movie. Newman composed the score for director Joss Whedon’s first feature film, Serenity, and has a fantastic knack for action scores himself.

That said, Silvestri is the man, and I couldn’t be more excited to hear what he has in store. In fact, his music for Beowulf has long been in my head whenever my thoughts drift to a giant multiple hero event film. This film now has a chance to boast an iconic score along the lines of Indiana Jones, Back to the Future or Batman, so fingers are crossed Mr. Silvestri can bring the epic once more!