Box Office: 'Immortals' Proves What It's Made Of

Box Office: ‘Immortals’ Proves What It’s Made Of

This is one of those weekends that proves the merit of the American moviegoer. Will people fill theaters to go see Adam Sandler get in a fistfight with himself dressed in drag? Or will they go see a biopic of one of the most important men in US history?

Looks like it was neither, as people would rather see the next Superman take out Mickey Rourke while a bunch of Greek gods watch from above (not to knock the movie, it was entertaining). Opening in just over 3,000 screens, Immortals made it to the #1 spot this weekend with a reach of $32 million in the domestic box office, and over $60 million worldwide.

Sadly, coming in at a (too) close second, Sandler’s Jack and Jill managed to pull in $26 million this weekend, averaging roughly $7,500 per screen. In second and third are last weekend’s top hits, Puss in Boots and Tower Heist, which are still making strong money.

Finally, in 5th place is DiCaprio’s J. Edgar with an estimated $11.5 million.

Next weekend, you can expect the world of film revenue to explode as Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits over 4,000 theaters across the country. Sadly, that may just mean the death of Happy Feet Two.

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