Super Mario 3D Land Invades Time Square

Super Mario 3D Land Invades Time Square

Mario has a brand new game just around the corner. To celebrate the release of Super Mario 3D Land, Nintendo took over Time Square in New York City, brining a little bit of the mushroom kingdom to throngs of fans. Set up on the streets of New York was a life size Mario dream land, complete with pipes, bouncy coin jumps and a classic flag pole at the end.

The brand new 3DS game is the first original adventure for Mario on Nintendo’s newest handheld, and anticipation could not be higher. The glasses-less 3D technology has always been impressive, but the 3DS has been lacking a lynch pin game to make people need the device. Nintendo has high hopes Super Mario 3d Land is that game. Word on the street in Mushroom Land, New York is that Nintendo might have gotten their wish.

We are most excited about the triumphant return of the Tanooki Suit, Mario’s full body raccoon outfit. This awesome costume debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3 on the original NES and has been woefully underused since. Mario has donned several full body costumes, but there was always something extra amazing about seeing our favorite plummer get his furry on.

You can catch a video of the awesome Super Mario 3D Land event after the jump.

It is hard to not be at least a little jealous of these kids, time has long since passed when it would have be social acceptable for us to run this course. Although, that doesn’t stop the crazy Tanooki suited fan in this video, you have got to credit the guy’s devotion and impeccable fashion sense.