Check Out Previews for This Week's 'Community', 'The Office', 'Parks & Rec', 'Grimm' and More!

Check Out Previews for This Week’s ‘Community’, ‘The Office’, ‘Parks & Rec’, ‘Grimm’ and More!

Even with the news that NBC has decided to bench Community for the mid-season (stupid decision that) we still have some episodes of the show left to enjoy. In fact, there’s one tonight.

We’ve got a preview for it as well as for some of the other shows hitting the network tonight and tomorrow night. On Community, Dean Pelton takes a stab at directing. But in true meta fashion, Abed’s turning the camera on his Greendale pals.

On Parks and Recreation, we’ll be visiting the smallest park in America. They also talk about lasers. What could be wrong with that?

We’ll be leaving Scranton on The Office when Andy takes some of the staff on a field trip. And on Whitney, she and Alex explore the idea of adopting a dog.

Check them all out after the break. Enjoy Community while you can tonight starting at 8/7C on NBC.


The Greendale Commercial
Watch Abed’s funny spin on Dean Pelton’s latest project.


Introduction to Lasers
Andy experiences one of the most significant bummers of his lifetime.


Preparing for War
Andy puts the office on a wartime footing – with a field trip.

Where Is Everybody?
Robert California catches half the team by surprise.


Whit Can Commit
Whitney and Alex decide that they’re ready to take the plunge…and adopt a dog.

Happily Unmarried
The dog adoption process proves to be a bit harder since Whitney and Alex aren’t married. Lisa Lampanelli guest stars!
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Behind the Scenes of “Clarence!”
Whitney and Chris discuss the filming of “Clarence!” and their characters’ futile attempts to adopt a dog.
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Lisa Lampanelli Interview
Guest star Lisa Lampanelli discusses her relationship with Whitney and her character on the show.
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Jane and Reg take an uncomfortable road trip upstate to investigate the grisly murder of a young girl’s parents.


A Warm Welcome
Nick and Hank question the owner of an inn after a woman’s suspicious disappearance.

Quite the Charmer
Even Monroe can’t resist Billy’s strange allure.

What’s the Connection?
Nick and Hank try to make sense out of the evidence at hand.