Benicio del Toro Not In 'Star Trek 2' After All, Edgar Ramirez May Be Instead

Benicio del Toro Not In ‘Star Trek 2’ After All, Edgar Ramirez May Be Instead

We told told you recently that Peter Weller and Alice Eve had signed on to the cast of the new Star Trek sequel, joining the original crew and Benicio Del Toro who was in talks to play the villain. The speculation ran wild that Del Toro would be playing Kirk nemesis extraordinaire Kahn Noonian Singh. The one thing we can now know for certain is that Del Toro will not be Kahn, because he will not be in the movie.

Vulture is reporting that the talks between the actor and the producers broke down due to monetary issues. The speculation of the movie’s villain being Kahn had a lot to do with the fact that Del Toro fits the same mold that Ricardo Montalban so famously inhabited. J.J. Abrams has denied these rumors, but J.J. loves to keep things secret and anything he says about a movie in this stage of development is far from an official proclamation.

Those rumors might just get another boost as Variety reports Edgar Ramirez is now in talks to take over Del Toro’s assumed role. There is enough in common between Del Toro, Ramirez and Montalban that should keep the flames of Kahn hope alive and well for a few more weeks. 

Edgar Ramirez is a great young actor who has recently appeared in The Bourne Ultimatum, Domino and the television mini-series Carlos, which garnered Ramirez Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for his lead role. The Star Trek sequel will have found a fantastic replacement for Del Toro if Ramirez does indeed join the cast.