Trade Paperback Tuesday: 'X-Statix Omnibus'

Trade Paperback Tuesday: ‘X-Statix Omnibus’

Everyone knows that Wednesday is new comic book day. While picking up your new issues consider looking at some of the trade paperbacks and hard covers of past issues and story lines. But which ones should you choose?

That’s why every Tuesday, The Flickcast will recommend a collection of comics that are just as good, if not better, than the issues you are currently buying. Books that deserve to be read, and bought the next time you walk into your local comic book store.

X-Statix was a book ahead of its time, in fact, its probably book that can’t exist in any time, and that’s what makes it so good.  First published in 2001 during the Grant Morrison New X-Men era, the story of this group began in X-Force #116. Marvel at this time was willing to take risks and chances.

Their movies were making money, and they wanted edgy comics that matched. Thus, X-Force was turned from a military group mutant team to a group of mutants that star on a reality show, and only save people if it will help their fame.

The team continued under the X-Force banner until issue #129 when Marvel decided that it didn’t want to pay a royalty to Rob Liefield for the use of the X-Force name. So the team got a brand new number one, and they were branded X-Statix.  There their stories continued for another 26 issues, and for the first time their complete story is collected into one volume including all their various mini-series. You may be asking your self, “Why should I pick up this book?” Let me tell you.

X-Statix is everthing that is great about independent comics set in the Marvel Universe. We’re never told how the character of X-Statix got famous or why the public loves them so much. We do see their reactions to it. They all fight for leadership of the team, have strategic fights in public to boost their popularity, and even die to ensure they are remembered forever. X-Statix is quite literally the most innovative and creative title Marvel has published in twenty years.

Peter Milligan created characters that everyone should hate, but because of their idiosyncrasies, they come off as loveable. Partnered with Mike Allred art on most of issues kept the stories from becoming melodramatic and infused them with fun and energy.

I could describe X-Statix forever, but it is truly a book that must be experienced for one’s self. With this omnibus, you will be able to read every adventure that the team experienced.  Be warned, the body count is high in this book, and no character is safe.  So if you are willing to try something completely different from the Marvel Universe, then dive off the deep end with X-Statix. Don’t worry, Wolverine shows up for a cameo.