Check Out the New Developer Diary for 'Prototype 2: Hunt. Kill. Become'

Check Out the New Developer Diary for ‘Prototype 2: Hunt. Kill. Become’

This summer at San Diego Comic Con, we got a first look at Prototype 2. Then at New York Comic Con, we got hands on with it. But now that we have gotten to check out the basics of the game in action, the developers are letting us take a look at some of the new features of the game including hunting, infiltration and mutations.

Instead of just being given a big bright arrow to follow, players must use a radar system new to the Prototype series for James Heller to track down targets. Once they have found their target, they can either be eliminated or absorbed. If absorbed, the player can then use that person’s security clearance to unlock new missions with mutation rewards for completing them.

These mutations are part of the appeal of the sandbox super powered game. Players don’t swap powers. Instead they get to add more and more powers on top of each other, giving the powers in Prototype 2 an almost Venom-like feel to be able to use tendrils to tear opponents apart or create additional defenses.

Check out the developer diary below and let us know what you think of the new Prototype 2 powers.