Check Out the Latest 'The Hobbit' Production Diary

Check Out the Latest ‘The Hobbit’ Production Diary

Filmmaking is often a fun and very collaborative process. In the past, however, it usually took place mostly in secluded locations where the majority of fans never saw it or even really knew about it until a particular film was released into theaters.

Now that we live in the age of the Internets, the possibilities are almost endless as to how filmmakers can involve an audience in the entire process of creating a film. Case in point today is Peter Jackson and his production of The Hobbit.

The director has released another in a series of videos giving audiences a look at the ongoing production of his epic. In this one, Jackson talks about the cast, locations, logistics and a lot more sure to make fans everywhere even more excited for the film’s release.

Check out this very cool video after the break. Look for more from Jackson and company as the film progresses and, of course, expect to see The Hobbit in theaters on December 14, 2012.