We Want YOU! Become a Contributing Writer for TheFlickcast

We Want YOU! Become a Contributing Writer for TheFlickcast

Are you tired of reading the same old crap on movie news site after movie news site with no wit, insight, or opinion to be had? Then it’s time you stepped up and joined The Flickcast as a dedicated contributor!

We’re looking for a few good geeks in the realm of Movies, TV, Comics, Tech, and Video Games to help us bring in the new year with some fresh perspectives and opinions.

Think you got what it takes to spread the news, opinions, and crucial information for the exciting things that the upcoming year has to offer? Then let us know! Send a brief email with attached writing samples to writers@theflickcast.com and let us know why you’d like to write for us.

While there are plenty of fancy paid jobs out there, TheFlickcast offers you something better than that. We can offer tons of review copies of upcoming films, TV shows, video games, music, or tech products as they come to us, and possibly even make enough contacts to be a force unrivaled with in the pop culture news game.

Depending on the workload, we are also able to offer access to some of the hottest conventions and festivals these fine United States has to offer such as C2E2, Fantastic Fest, Emerald City Con, CES, and the mother of them all: San Diego Comic-Con.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes to join the ranks of these fine digital halls, feel free to reach out at writers@theflickcast.com and we’re happy to have you help out!