'Thor 2' Brings On 'Saving Private Ryan' Writer To Work On Old Script

‘Thor 2’ Brings On ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Writer To Work On Old Script

The first Thor film was pretty well received. As an introduction to magical and mystical elements into a universe defined by more down to earth realism, Thor was a great success. So the sequel is going to be very anticipated, especially after The Avengers hits cinemas this summer.

The film has already played the director carousel, and is just now landing on a new writer to get things in order on the script. Deadline is reporting that Robert Rodat, whose credits include The Patriot and Saving Private Ryan,  has been brought on to do a re-write of the script currently in hand.

Rodat is reworking a draft by Don Payne. Disney will put the film into production later this year for release in 2013 with Chris Hemsworth returning as the title character.

With much of the principle cast returning, and a director with ability firmly in place, Thor 2 is fast becoming one of the most anticipate projects of the year. Normally in instances like this we would have some sort of idea what the sequel could be about, but with Thor and Loki playing primary roles in the upcoming Avengers film, we really don’t know what state our hero will be in come late 2013.