Check This Out: 'Sh!t Comic Book Nerds Say'

Check This Out: ‘Sh!t Comic Book Nerds Say’

We know a good internet video trend when we see one. Since the turn of the new year, the new one seems to be taking a satirical (and 100% accurate) look at specific things that a group of people tend to say adnauseum.

Whether it’s Girls, Broke People, Blind People, or even White Girls, the trend is absolutely at an all-time high right now. With that, where is the cracks on people like us? The NERDS?

That’s where Jawiin on YouTube comes in. Daylighting as our very own comic reviewer Jason Inman, Jaawin put together this little tribute to the “sh*t people say” trend by bringing it home for the comic book fans.

So if you’ve ever been in a comic store, convention, or even know someone who’s a dedicated comic fan, this video will certainly apply to you. Check it out after the jump.