Check Out Previews for Tonight's '30 Rock', 'Parks and Rec' and More!

Check Out Previews for Tonight’s ’30 Rock’, ‘Parks and Rec’ and More!

It’s Thursday again so that means more new episodes of some of our favorite shows on NBC tonight. Sure, we still miss Community and hope it’s really coming back.

Until then, at least we’ve still got brand new episodes of 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and more to help us pass the time. Not only that, we’ve got previews for all the new episodes for you right here too.

First up on 30 Rock, Liz invokes a pact she and Jenna made to each other years before. Then on Parks and Recreation, Knope 2012 goes on a bowling adventure.

Next up, it’s a second episode of 30 Rock called “The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell.” Finally, The Firm is back with a new episode. Havent had a chance to watch that one yet but I would bet the budget for a one hour drama show would have been more than enough to cover the cost of new episodes of Community.

Come on NBC, get with the program and give the viewers what they really want. We don’t mind that you made a mistake, we all do. Just correct it. . . soon.

Check out all the previews after the break.


Blood Sisters
Liz invokes a pact she and Jenna made to each other years before.


Tommy Tsunami
Tom experiments with new nicknames

Bowling Showdown
Leslie’s competitive nature gets the best of her during a campaign event.


Preview “Chapter Five”
While defending a gangster, Mitch takes a huge risk by enlisting Kinross & Grant to help with the Sanderson case.

Why Althea Matters
Abby explains why Mitch’s first case in D.C. means so much.


Pool Party Pain
From promising bachanals that never happened to the failed attempts to rekindle an old flame, Robert’s pool party was all wet.