Check Out 'The Temple' on Amazon Movies from Alex Greenfield

Check Out ‘The Temple’ on Amazon Movies from Alex Greenfield

One thing we’ve always supported is independent production of film, tv, comics and games. As an independently operated news site, we understand how hard it is to break through to that next level. It is also great to hear when one of The Flickcast’s supporters gets an opportunity to bring one of their artistic visions to life.

Alex Greenfield is one of those supporters. Alex is best known for being the former lead writer on WWE’s SmackDown brand as well as two TV movies, Street Warrior and Jack’s Family Adventure. Last week, Alex and his writing partner Michael K Eitelman released The Temple through Amazon Studios.

We got the chance to talk briefly with Alex and he told us about both his inspiration behind The Temple as well as a little bit of the creative process.

My dad read me “The Rats in the Walls” when I was like five, literally sitting around a campfire. Let’s agree to ignore the parenting questions that anecdote raises and skip right to the fact that I became a Lovecraft addict before I could read. It was only a matter of time before I would dip my pen in the Mythos well.

Flash forward about thirty years and you’ll find my writing partner, Michael K. Eitelman and I hacking away at a contemporary story that took a bunch of HP’s cosmological elements, mashed them up and turned them into THE TEMPLE. The tale of a group of soldiers in Afghanistan who track their quarry across the graveyard of empires to an ancient ruin that looks like a Cyclopean cancer on God’s earth, the screenplay got some really positive notice.

The Temple takes the traditional horror comic format and adds in motion comic technology and voice actors to give a more fulfilling experience to the viewer. This 85 minute adventure brings together modern themes, horror conventions and twists and turns that take the viewer through a unique experience. The simplistic color scheme helps focus the storytelling and gives the viewer time to appreciate the artwork from three time Eisner nominee Rich Koslowski (Marvel Comics Presents, Archie Meets Kiss).

Follow this link for the full length motion comic / movie on Amazon for free.