Book Review: ‘Kill Marry Fuc’ by Sarah Huber

Book Review: ‘Kill Marry Fuc’ by Sarah Huber

Pretty much every guy has questioned their friends on who they would rather sleep with between Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. Just the same, every girl has probably questioned her friends if they’d rather marry Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Matt Damon.

But what about those times where you can’t say “I’d sleep with all of them” and had to decide to actually marry a hot mess like Spears, Lohan or Hilton instead of just kicking them to the hoe-side curb they deserve to be on? Or, what about choosing between killing off Batman, Superman or Spider-Man? Kill/Marry/Fuc by Sarah Huber combines all three.

The way it works, turn to a random page and you have decide one person / object / concept /etc. that you’d want to marry, one you’d want to kill and one you’d want to get down with. Some of these are easy decisions, but others really make you think. That’s right. A book about hooking up, marrying and killing really starts turning the gears for some people.

One great example is McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s. Do you think you can go without the fire grilled burgers of Burger King once you kill them off to marry McDonald’s for the Big Mac and do the occasional nasty with Wendy’s because she has the best Spicy Chicken Sandwich? Yes, this is what goes through your mind. Or try asking a guy if he’d rather Kill/Marry/Fuc Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs (though that one is even more awkward since Jobs died since the book was written).

Kill/Marry/Fuc also includes tons of random factoids, quotes and even Tweets from the three options which actually play a part in the decision making process. Some of these relate to the number of marriages the people have been in and ended or even odd coincidences of the marriage ending like its relation to the time that the actress won her first Emmy. Others are kind of pointless but still make you laugh like the Catholic church banning the use of forks in Italy because “it was considered an assault on God’s intentions for fingers.”

Kill/Marry/Fuc is a fantastic party game with this book being a great starting point and inspiration for those who have never played or heard of it before. The outside the box scenarios lead to some incredibly awkward and funny conversations between friends and the simple choice helps reveal a lot about those playing. Without a doubt, this book is recommended for a mature audience, although it may make more sense to ask for an audience of an appropriate age because anyone who claims to be “mature” would never be able to have fun with it.

Kill/Marry/Fuc is available now from MPB and can be found at Amazon, Random House or Urban Outfitters. There is also a Kill/Marry/Fuc app available on the Android marketplace as well.