'Star Wars Kinect' And Special Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 Confirmed For Early April

‘Star Wars Kinect’ And Special Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 Confirmed For Early April

Ever since the beginning of the motion gaming movement we have been waiting for a game that lets us slice and dice with a lightsaber. Finally that dream is becoming a reality with the brand new game Star Wars Kinect, a motion based game that puts you in the Jedi army during the thick of the clone wars.

This game was originally meant to be released last year, but a release date has finally been confirmed for the long awaited project, April 3rd. And to celebrate the release a special edition Kinect bundle pack is being released with a 320GB R2-D2 themed 360, a C3-PO gold controller, a white Kinect and of course the game as well.

Additionally more details about what we can expect in the game have been released, including the new Duels of the Fate mode which pits you one-on-one against Sith baddies, cool. Also a Galactic Dance-Off where you can take on Darth Vader Dance Central style, much less cool.

The game may or may not be awesome, but one thing that is not up for any questioning is the absurdly cool R2-D2 360. It is a perfect representation of everyone’s favorite astro-droid, and alone might be worth the four-hundred and fifty dollar price tag.