'Mass Effect 3' Lands On iOS Devices With A Game And A Datapad

‘Mass Effect 3’ Lands On iOS Devices With A Game And A Datapad

One of the biggest game releases this year is the upcoming Mass Effect 3, the sequel to the mega hit franchise that blends Sci-Fi action and RPG immersion. The game is already being penciled in for game of the century and fans are at a fever pitch in anticipation, so bringing the game to iOS devices seems a smart way to capitalize.

The just announced Mass Effect Datapad is still clouded in some mystery, but we do know it will be an iPad exclusive. Best estimation is that the app will work as sort of a strategy guide, or some sort of informational support for your missions.

Also, EA has announced Mass Effect Infiltrator for all iOS devices, a third person shooter that is meant to feed into the main game’s Galaxy At War system. The mobile game is set around freeing prisoners and gaining evidence against Cerberus, both of which will have a direct impact on your single player experience.


Normally “little brother” games like this are nothing more than a cash grab, but this game looks to break from that mold. BioWare looks like they are taking cross platform integration very seriously and the development team working on Infiltrator is the same company that did the stellar Dead Space iOS game. Hopefully the game and it’s ancillary pieces will live up to the hype.

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