Robert Kirkman Sued By Tony Moore Over 'Walking Dead' Profits

Robert Kirkman Sued By Tony Moore Over ‘Walking Dead’ Profits

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is facing a lawsuit from Michael Anthony “Tony” Moore, who is alleging he is co-creator of The Walking Dead comic on which the hit AMC series is based. Moore, who was once partners with Robert Kirkman, is accusing Kirkman of promissory fraud, breach of written contract and other charges.

Moore claims that he was talked into assigning all his rights on Walking Dead and other properties to a limited liability corporation controlled by Kirkman. Kirkman allegedly hasn’t shared any royalties or offered any other payments for Walking Dead or any of the other works.

According to the suit, Moore alleges he and Kirkman entered into an agreement which assigned Moore 60% of comic publishing net proceeds for The Walking Dead and another title Brit, 20% of all motion picture net proceeds for Walking Dead and Brit and 50% of all motion picture net proceeds in connection with another title Battle Pope. Moore says in the suit he was reluctant to enter into the agreement.

But he claims Kirkland informed him that if he didn’t assign his rights as specified it would kill the “large television deal on the table” and no one would receive any money. Kirkman allegedly promised to pay Moore royalties and provide regular, accurate accounting records. Moore claims that Kirkman has never payed any royalties or provided an accounting of profit or loss.

Kirkman’s camp is completely denying any of this agreement, and are stating that the suit has no legal ground. They believe that not only is Moore not entitled to any money, but is opening himself up for counter suit.

Moore is seeking damages that will cover his share of any money he is owed for  The Walking Dead already, as well as payment of accrued interest and court costs. He’s also asking for a court order for Kirkman to provide complete and timely accounting for not just The Walking Dead, but any of the properties tied to the corporation run by Kirkman.