Final Four Fighters Revealed for 'Street Fighter X Tekken'

Final Four Fighters Revealed for ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’

With March 6th quickly closing in, Capcom has finally announced the final four characters for Street Fighter X Tekken. None of these are huge surprises for longtime fans of either series as they are either fan favorites or staples for both series. M. Bison and Akuma round out the Street Fighter roster as Jin and Ogre make their way over to team Tekken.

M. Bison, still carrying the improper name and the original boss of Street Fighter II, makes his way to the title. Akuma who has made his presence felt in almost every Street Fighter or Capcom vs. title since his creation also stands on the Street Fighter side of things, looking to be the opposition to Tekken’s Ogre. Both Jin and Ogre come to Tekken’s side of things, an interesting combination to be announced together with the history of the two characters with Ogre killing Jin’s mother. All four combatants can be seen in the trailers below.

Capcom has confirmed as well that the PC version of Street Fighter X Tekken will be released on May 11. The PlayStation Vita SKU has still not be given a release date.

In addition to all this, Capcom is launching Cross Assault on February 22nd, a week long reality show pitting top players against each other as they try to compete for $25,000 in prizes.

The quest for $25,000 is kicking into high gear, with the start of Capcom’s new week-long internet reality show “Cross Assault.” Under the leadership of legendary players Alex Valle and Aris Bakhtanians, ten players will compete against each other for a week in a series of challenges on Capcom’s highly-anticipated premier fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken .

Hundreds of passionate Street Fighter and Tekken fans have submitted video blogs to vie for one of the coveted spots on TeamStreet Fighter and Team Tekken. Though the competition was thick, in the end, only ten could be chosen. Today, Capcom puts the anticipation to rest by releasing a new trailer that confirms the cast of “Cross Assault.”

Cross Assault will air LIVE on the internet from February 22-28, 2012. The final four contestants will then head to the Final Round in Atlanta, Georgia, to compete for the grand prize of $25,000 and be crowned the champion of “Cross Assault.”

Check out all the new trailers and screen shots below for Street Fighter X Tekken coming out on March 6th for the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Cinematic Episode 6


Dan’s Story Trailer


New Street Fighter Characters Trailer


New Tekken Characters Trailer