'Kick-Ass' Creator Mark Millar Confirms Several More Adaptations Ready for Screen

‘Kick-Ass’ Creator Mark Millar Confirms Several More Adaptations Ready for Screen

Writer Mark Millar, best known for the Kick-Ass and Wanted franchises, confirmed to the Daily Record that a slew of comic-to-film projects from his Millarworld production company will be going into production in this coming year.

Currently, Millar has a number of film projects being developed simultaneously, along with the monthly comics hitting the shelves. He stated that the fact his characters are being utilized for films is somewhat surprising, considering that the majority of comics-to-film adaptations that are being greenlit are based on characters that have been around for decades.

“We shoot Kick-Ass 2 and American Jesus this summer. Then Matthew (Vaughn) and I have Secret Service, which is a nerdy James Bond,” Mark said. Kick-Ass 2  is a follow up to the 2010 film which starred Aaron Johnson and Chloe Moretz.

Millar’s  American Jesus  will follow a kid who finds out he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. “If you are doing a movie about the return of Jesus as the Bible prophesied in the Book of Revelation, you have got to do it straight and treat it with dignity. I’m not taking the piss. It will be treated like a proper film,” said Millar of his post-apocolyptic thriller.

Millar is also excited about the upcoming Secret Service comic and subsequent film. “I am a massive Bond fan and Secret Service is like My Fair Lady meets James Bond. I am halfway through the comic and Matthew (Vaughn) and I are halfway through the script. There is a good role for a 50-something actor to play an older gentleman spy training this young kid. There are not a lot of tough actors in that age group but you would never believe Colin Firth or Hugh Grant in a fight scene. We are bouncing names around.”

Mark is also planning Jupiter’s Children, which he predicts will be the biggest sci-fi franchise since Star Wars, involving superheroes in an intergalactic saga that traverses both space and time.

To go along with all the already mentioned projects, Millar also has the projects Superior, Supercrooks, Nemesis, and a sequel to Wanted, which are all being lined up as both comics and optioned for films.