Video Friday: ‘The Daly Show’ Featuring Tim and Sam Daly and Guests Nathan Fillion and Michael Rosenbaum

This video really needs no setup. However, in the interest of helping to spread the word about filmmaker Ben Shelton and his work with actor Tim Daly and his son Sam, here’s a bit of it anyway.

This video is the seventh episode of the occasional series The Daly Show, which features Daly and his son living their lives and having misadventures around Los Angeles. It should not be confused with The Daily Show with John Stewart, although both are funny but one has Time Daly and the other has John . . . well, you get the idea.

In this particular episode, we’re treated to guest appearances by Nathan Fillion and Michael Rosenbabum who, in their own way, try to help the somewhat “troubled” Tim Daly work out some issues. Let’s just say their methods leave a bit to be desired.

Take a look at this video after the break.

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