Game Developers Quantic Dream Release An Amazing PS3 Motion Graphics Concept Video

Her name is Kara, she feels, she thinks, and she is scared.

That is basically the concept behind Quantic Dream’s recent concept video. Kara is an android being assembled and tested, something is slightly off and the rest you should watch for yourself.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Quantic Dream, they are the developers responsible for Heavy Rain, a PS3 exclusive that pushed the boundaries of the typical game experience. Unfortunately, the Kara short has nothing to do with their next title.

The video was made to showcase the power of the Quantic’s new motion capture engine running real time graphics on a PS3. However, this is such a well fleshed out idea, one that holds so much weight and emotion that it would come as no surprise if this was an early glimpse at whatever new world Quantic Dream has up their sleeve.

Be awed by the video after the jump.

One could view this piece as a stylistic short film. In that light this piece really showcases a great argument for video games as art. An endless debate that Quantic Dream has been near the forefront of for a few years.

At the end of the day this is just a brilliant seven minutes that reminds you that the technology behind today’s greatest games can achieve so much more than just ‘splosions and jiggle physics.

I wont lie, this made me get a touch emotional, a true testament to the power of a well executed concept.

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