'Community' Returns Tomorrow Night and We've Got Previews and More!

‘Community’ Returns Tomorrow Night and We’ve Got Previews and More!

Even though things looked a bit dire last year when NBC put one of our favorite shows, the awesome Community, on extended hiatus, all now is well in the TV Universe again as the show is set to return tomorrow night. To commemorate this great occasion, we’ve got a ton of videos to share with you today.

Among them are vids where Gillian, Yvette, and Joel (who wants to make out with all of you) discuss the big return of the show. Plus, take an early look at Greendale with some sneak peeks and get your fix of the Dean and Jeff as Jim Rash joins Joel on the NBC lot. That’s Academy Award Winner Jim rash to you.

Check out all the videos (and a coupe extra pics) after the break. Look for Community tomorrow night (Thursday) at 8/7C on NBC.

Joel McHale on Community’s Return
Joel shares his excitement about the show’s return.

Yvette Nicole Brown on Fan Fiction
Yvette discusses Community’s amazing fan creations.

Gillian Jacobs on Community Fans
Gillian talks about what she thinks draws people to Community.

Community Returns!
Discover the twisted fate of The Greendale Seven.

Wedding Woes
Are we meant to find that special someone? Or should everyone just nut up and die alone?

Joel and Jim: NBC Tour Guides
While Community was on a break, NBC was kind enough to give Joel McHale and Jim Rash some odd jobs around the lot.

Spoiler Alert!
Joel McHale and Jim Rash give you a peak at what’s on the horizon for Community!