'The Gunstringer' Gets Some DLC with 'El Diablo's 'Merican Adventure'

‘The Gunstringer’ Gets Some DLC with ‘El Diablo’s ‘Merican Adventure’

Since our review of The Gunstringer, the TwistedPixel Studio was acquired by Microsoft. This came as no surprise since all of the games TwistedPixel released were exclusive to the XBox 360 with four XBLA titles and one retail release, that being The Gunstringer. Yesterday, Microsoft and Twisted Pixel announced a new DLC expansion

In addition to becoming available yesterday on Games on Demand for $29.99, the Kinect exclusive title will be getting a new four level chapter featuring “hang-gliding airmen, gun-toting brothel babes and angry bandits” as the king of the underworld, El Diablo goes on a search for his queen in El Diablo’s ‘Merican Adventure. Instead of reprising the role as the infamous skeletal cowboy the Gunstringer, players will don the boots of the half Satan, half Slash El Diablo marionette as he wields a half shotgun, half guitar.

“The Gunstringer was our first retail game, but it’s nice that we were able to make it available digitally as well,” says Twisted Pixel’s Michael Wilford. “Digital distribution is key to the studio’s ambitions.” Then Technical Director Frank Wilson added, “yeah, that, and we didn’t have to do anything extra to make it work. The new DLC is pretty rad though.”

El Diablo’s ‘Merican Adventure is now available on XBox Live for 240 Microsoft points. Check out the Screens and Trailer below.