'The Walking Dead' Season 2 Finale Was a Huge Ratings Win

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2 Finale Was a Huge Ratings Win

One of the most surprising facets of the hit AMC show The Walking Dead is how much of a ratings blockbuster it can be. It is particularly intriguing due to the fact that genre, horror and comic book based shows rarely dominate in the ratings.

When The Walking Dead premiered it smashed all expectations and became the highest rated show in the history of AMC. It actually continued to gain momentum with the season one finale bringing in more viewers, which was in turn also true of the season two premiere.

Falling in line with that very positive trend, the season 2 finale, which aired this past weekend, again broke it’s own record by becoming the highest rated episode in show history. All of this continued succsess despite the very public problems this show had this season is telling of the over all popularity.

The show’s numbers this week were a staggering 9 million total viewers, with 6 million of them in the prime 18-49 demographic. For the season as a whole the show averaged nearly 7 million viewers on a weekly basis, with 4.6 of them in the coveted demo. Those numbers represented a 32% increase over the already impressive season one.

The show seemed to hit a bit of a lull in the middle of this season, but with rating like these it is clear that the fan base plowed through them. The Walking Dead season three will have some lofty expectations in the wake of another successful run.