'Chronicle' Director Josh Trank to Adapt 'The Red Star' for WB

‘Chronicle’ Director Josh Trank to Adapt ‘The Red Star’ for WB

Josh Trank, hot off the successful directorial turn in Chronicle, has been contracted by Warner Bros. to develop and direct the long awaited adaptation of comic book and video game The Red Star.

Trank has been in talks to work on a reboot of The Fantastic Four and a spin-off Venom movie, but decided to take on The Red Star. He may still work on these projects, as they aren’t moving forward as quickly as The Red Star.

Jason Rothenberg is currently writing the script for the project.  Rothenberg recently scripted the new Twilight Zone, which is in production with Matt Reeves at the helm.

The Red Star is a world much like our own, except that Military Industrial Sorcery has made the armies of the many different nations capable of incredible destruction. Every soldier is a trained sorcerer and armed with weaponry engineered to amplify their power. The dark secret of this world is the source of this godlike power, The Imprisoned Afterlife. The leaders of the world’s nations have discovered the secret of containing the souls of the dead and transforming these souls into a new form of energy. The Heroes of The Red Star have discovered this secret and have taken it upon themselves to descend into the Imprisoned Afterlife, lay siege to its prison fortresses and liberate the souls of their ancestors. The protagonist is a Red Fleet soldier who goes up against an ex-leader who rules with an iron fist.

No word on release date for the project, as we don’t know how long Trank will work on the development. We’ll have more on the project as we hear it.