The First Trailer for the Sundance Hit 'Safety Not Guaranteed'

The First Trailer for the Sundance Hit ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’

There are two genres of film that really need to strike a fine balance to work. Everyone and there mother’s want to make films about time travel or films with massive quirks. Both have a tiny window of success that teeters over a huge sinkhole of failure.

The new film Safety Not Guaranteed wants to dabble in both playgrounds, with a quirk filled tale about a crazy man who may or may not be able to travel through time:

When an unusual classified ad inspires three cynical Seattle magazine employees to look for the story behind it, they discover a mysterious eccentric named Kenneth, a likable but paranoid supermarket clerk, who believes hes solved the riddle of time travel and intends to depart again soon. Together, they embark on a hilarious, smart, and unexpectedly heartfelt journey that reveals how far believing can take you.

The early word from Sundance was very positive, and the trailer does strike a very interesting tone. It will be interesting if the feature can connect with larger audiences, or if this film is destined to be a tiny blip that is fondly remembered by the geek community and no one else.

Check out the trailer after the jump.

There is also the fact that Aubrey Plaza is awesome, she shines in the trailer.

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