Check This Out: 'Trailer Shots' Brings You Hot Trailers and Cool Drinks

Check This Out: ‘Trailer Shots’ Brings You Hot Trailers and Cool Drinks

Often when searching the vastness of the Internets for interesting things to bring you, our very important readers, we come across people doing cool things with video. This time around it’s Doug King and his show Trailer Shots.

In this particular show, King combines two of the things we love the most: movie trailers and booze. The premise is simplicity itself, he highlights a few trailers for upcoming movies and then details a themed cocktail recipe that fits in perfectly with the trailers presented.

The most recent episode features trailers for upcoming movies Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Battleship and Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated Prometheus. Then, King introduces viewers to a new libation known as the Alien Secretion. We haven’t tried it yet but it sounds pretty good.

We’ve also got an earlier episode of the show after the break to share with you. In this one, look for trailers from upcoming movies Dark Shadows, Rock of Ages, and The Bourne Legacy. And, of course, a cocktail recipe called Barnabas Collins, which works well if you’ve seen the trailer for Dark Shadows.