Phil Coulson: Agent of Shield Gets His Own Avengers Character Poster

Agent Coulson has been a important part of the shared Marvel movie universe. Popping up often in the adventures of many of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, he is essentially the glue that holds these films together.

So it is beyond appropriate that he gets his due in a character poster. Standing tall like the hero he is, the Agent Coulson character poster might be the most awesome piece of marketing yet released.

One of the most exciting things about the Avengers movie isn’t just that we get to see our favorite heroes battle side-by-side. We are also going to see a whole world come together for the first time. In each of the previous Marvel Studio films we had a taste of the shared universe concept, but this film is the main course.

Agent Coulson very much represents that shared universe, and to see him getting the kind of marketing love previously reserved for the big boys is a great nod to that fact.

We here at The Flickcast believe we are in for something special May 4th, and we can’t wait.

Check out the full one sheet after the jump.

Just look at him standing there like a bad ass, with a clearly terrified Nick Fury at his back, Agent Coulson is here to save the day!


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